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Metal Roofing Services in Southern Idaho and Nevada

Whitehead Home & Energy provides metal roofing services to residents throughout Twin Falls, Idaho, and the surrounding areas. Metal roofs offer a variety of advantages over other roofing types. They last longer, are more durable, and in some cases required by state and local building codes. Whitehead Home & Energy only partners with top manufacturers like American Building Components, Inspire Roofing Products, and Edco Products, for our roofing materials.

Why a metal roof?
  • Longevity – typically last over 60 years
  • Durability – can withstand winds over 140 MPH
  • Sustainability – energy efficient and made of 25 – 35% recyclable materials
An Electric Drill Installing Roof — Metal Roofing in Twin Falls, ID
Metal roofs also offer a reflective cool roof finish, which reflects the suns infrared radiation, keeping the surface temperature lower than traditional roofing materials.

Slate and Shake metal roofing offer great advantages as well. These roof types installed by Whitehead Home & Energy, can sustain winds over 110 MPH, and some roof colors can reduce your energy costs up to 15%. Insurance companies also favor these roofs, sometimes offering discounts due to the fire resistant material.

These great roofing materials come in many breathtaking colors, and will not rot, crack, split, or need the upkeep associated with the chemical upkeep of a wood roof.